13 Ways College Students Can Start Making Money Right Now

Are you a student? Have you ever thought of ways you can make Money as a student? well, if you had, there is absolutely no need to worry anymore, Because here on collegescholarshipgrants.org will be showing you, the best ways to make Money online as a student.

The truth is that there are lot methods and things students can do to earn an extra income, while actively working to garner their degree qualifications. Today, I decided to share with you, the top 5 helpful tips for making money as a student.

6 Tips For Making Money As A College Student

Do Freelance Writing For Blogs or Businesses

One of the most biggest avenue you can make money, extra money while you’re still pursuing your degree as a student, is doing freelancing jobs.

If you’re good at writing with a strong command of the English Language, then you can consider doing freelance writing for blogs as one way of earning an extra income as a student. Aside from writing for blogs, there are many businesses who are currently looking for freelance writers to help them meet their writing and content creation needs, so you can take advantage of this and apply for freelance jobs with these businesses.

Consider Doing Online Design Work

Another method you can earn income as a student is doing online design works for businesses, both private and public businesses. For students who consider themselves artists and have discovered they have a knack for graphic design and are really good with Coreldraw, Photoshop or other graphic design software, you can make extra income by doing online design work, like making small graphics for advertisements and full site redesigns for websites and businesses.

Students can also consider entering design competitions, where the winners are offer monetary awards, and stand a chance to get paid a good amount of money if you win the competition.

Consider Becoming a Voice-Over Artist

Do you know what a Voice-over artist is, right? If yes, then you should know that Doing voice-over work for production companies and advertising agencies is another wonderful way to earn an income as a student. If you have a great voice and some broadcasting talent, then you can simply apply for voice-over opportunities and get paid doing voice-over work for people and businesses.

Do Printing Jobs

This is another venture students can make extra income, Why am listing these business ideas, is that it gives you time to do a wonderful job, but most importantly, it gives you time to study too.

Considering the fact that students, especially university students, do a lot of printing work, you can set up a mini-printing business in your area with an easily affordable deskjet printer whose inks can be easily refilled, and start printing for students at your own rates, discounts or cheapest rates ever. You can set up this business close to any student’s hostel or even from your room, and be on your way to making some side income as a student.

Real Estate/House Agent

Real Estate is one of the best ways to make money in the world today, and as a student looking for ways to make money, you can easily become a real estate / House agent. Once you are conversant with your locality, you can use your free time to search for accommodation for freshers and fellow students in your school environment, charging them a commissions/agents fee for your service.

You won’t believe how much money this job will fetch you once you’re popular and well known as agent for housing in your institution.

Selling Your Skills

Whatever skill you have and you’re good at, why not offer it as a service to people at a cost. If you are good at cooking, then you should seriously consider providing catering services to those in need of it at a reasonable cost.

If you are good at sewing, why waste your time, instead, you should consider making clothes for people at a cost.

If you’re good at phone or computer repairs and maintenance, also consider providing this service to people at a cost.

You just need to make sure that you market your skills well, and put yourself out there so people can see what you have to offer and call for your service. You can also sell your services on online sites like Fiverr, etc.

Part Time Job

Another wonderful method I would love to mention here is Part-Time jobs. The first way that a college student can make money is to work a part time job. There are countless students who are currently doing part time jobs and helping themselves financially.

Are you searching or confused on where to get the perfect Part time job? Well, Restaurants, grocery stores and shopping malls are great places to start. I went to college in Savannah, Georgia. There were numerous restaurants that hired students all during the school year. Students can also check to see if anyone on campus has any part time opportunities and offer their services.  I’m sure if you look hard enough you will be able to find something that will earn you extra cash sideline.

Selling Candy or Sweets

Another method worth mentioning here that a college student can make money is to sell candy or sweets. Sometimes vending machines in dorms just don’t cut it. And we all know that people love their sweets and are willing to pay for them.

During my freshman year in Savannah, Georgia, I made so much money off of this candy called “chews”. Chews are small pieces of taffy that are very addictive and quite delicious too. I had people coming to dorm room up until midnight trying to get some from me. I also was the only person selling them in the city so that definitely helped with sales and boost my reputation as the #1 Chews seller.

However, depending on how many people live in your dorm, you could make a couple hundred bucks per week.


Another avenue which is worth mentioning here is Tutoring. If you excel in a certain subject and knows it very well, then I’ll advice you to look for ways to tutoring students. The truth is that tutors can make a decent amount of money depending on the subject and the amount of people they tutor within their spare time.

College students can find other students that need tutoring by advertising their services on social media accounts such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter. They can also put posters up around the campus offering their services.


Another wonderful method to make extra income as a college student, is babysitting. Depending on the city where the college is located, the need for a sitter may or may not be that great.

However, this should not stand as a hindrance, you can start looking for home to babysit by promoting your babysitting business to people you personally know with children, and it is a great way to start. Another option is to search Craigslist. You may be able to find potential clients on there.

Completing Surveys

Another way that a college student can make money is by completing surveys online. The truth is that there are rare and trusted websites that pays you to take surveys, but you can still make a couple hundred dollars a year if you put in the time and effort.

The amount that you could make off a survey varies in range. Some of these survey companies pay out a measly $0.10 while others could pay $15-$20, but this depend on the survey.  Three websites that I’ve used to complete surveys for cash are Cash Crate, Amazon Mechanical Turk and Swagbucks. With Swagbucks, you actually start out earning points. The points can be converted to cash or gift cards. Which is what I loved about swagbuks.

Selling items on eBay

I truly loved this method. Selling on eBay is another wonderful means of generating income as a college student. As a college student, you may not have that many items to begin with. But one item that will definitely make you some money is your old text books. I’m pretty sure you will make more money selling them on eBay than you would selling them back to the school store or where you bought them from.

Some school book stores might not even buy them back, if you’ve ever tried returning it, they may give one excuse or the other! Other items that you can sell are old shoes, clothes and school memorabilia.

Donate Plasma

Have you ever heard of this method before? One of the easiest method for a student to make money is to donate plasma. I had a couple friends donate plasma when we were in college. They did it a few times per month and made over $100 from donating their Plasma. The plasma centers do have certain guidelines that their donors should meet before donating. Check with your plasma center to make sure you qualify.

Those are the 13 ways college students can make money.

  • Have you ever tried any of this method?
  • What is your take on these methods?