Best 5 Countries That May Give Free Housing To New Residents in 2019

When going through my previous articles, I was amazed to see I’ve got questions from readers regarding countries where they can get free housing as new residents. I decided to research on this subject and Here are the best five (5) countries that may give free housing to new residents in 2017.

While growing up, We got that impression that every adult gets their house, but buying a home is life goal and right of passage for many of us adults. With a tougher economy and a higher population count than our parents had to deal with, so we are all now aware that buying a home is a major difficulty in our current time.

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With proper research and a sense of adventure, we rounded up our the top best countries that will give you a free home if you move there and become a resident. Read on to see where you can score a FREE house as a new resident!


Have you ever heard of Italy before? certainly, their food and football team must have made them popular. But wait, have you ever heard of the Sicilian town of Gangi? Me neither.

Well, you should know that this wonderful city in Italy has a declining population of about 7,000 and an excess of homes which haven’t seen a human face in decades. According to latest information reaching to us, Italy government will give you the home if you promise to stay and renovate it.

Personally, I think this is one of the best deals ever! I’ll take it.

United States of America

USA free house

The most popular country in the world, The United States of America is the land where dreams come true. When you think of USA, you think of the land of opportunities right?

Think the Midwest. America is truly the land of opportunities, and in cities such as Gary, Indiana, or Detroit, Government is giving Homes to qualifying individuals, as far as they can prove a proper sense of employment and cash flow, as well as plans to renovate the home.

South Africa

Unlike the top mentioned Cities in Italy or the United States of America, South Africa usually gives away homes to its poorer citizens.

South Africa has led the way in this endeavor and will give homes and proper housing to those citizens that qualify as underprivileged new residents.



Love Island and want a free Home? Then your dream is fast becoming a reality. Pitcairn is a British Island colony. You know that island life you dream of at your desk? Well, there’s hope in living a coconut rum filled life indeed.

The population of this British Island colony is fast diminishing, with only 50 residents left. The British island colony is giving away land now, all you have to do is ask and if your application is successful, you’ll be given a free home.


As we all know, Colombia is located in the South America continent. Colombia, much like South Africa, is giving out houses to the lower underprivileged citizens of the population.

It’s no hidden secret that the country is quite relatively poor, but in recent years, Colombia has gained traction as a tourist destination and growing economic force. Which may see this country slowly but steadily creep out of the tag of a poor country.

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